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Lemongrass & Blood Orange Good JUJU Candle


ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: Lemongrass & Blood Orange

AROMATHERAPY: Energizing & Uplifting

CLEANSING CRYSTAL: Citrine (November Birthstone)


CRYSTAL BENEFITS: Promotes Success & Positivity. Referred to as the "money stone." It is known to magnify intentions, attract abundance, enhance intuition, and provide protection against negative energies


Signature Smudge Stick

Hand-crafted and bound with 2 pieces of palo santo, white sage, sea lavender, lavender, rose petals, and raw obsidian wrapped in twine and hand-dyed, recycled silk sari.


RAW OBSIDIAN: For Scorpios specifically, Obsidian is a lucky gemstone due to its association with energy protection & and grounding while also helping our Scorpion friends feel more connected to their intuition.

Scorpio Bundle


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