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  • Where are your products made?
    Our products are made in one of two kitchens either in McAllen or San Antonio. Because of constant travel, we never know when we might have to whip up a batch! Our products made with infused oils take more time and cannot be made on a whim.
  • Do you use a preservatives?
    Yes. Most of our products are anhydrous (do not contain water) and usually do not require a preservative, so we felt it would be safer for our consumers to include one. Not only do we use Vitamin E, a known antioxidant and other essential oils, we have chosen an additional non-toxic preservative. Our preservative is an all-natural, plant-based preservative, and extends the shelf life of our products to well over a year if stored properly. Our preservatives are paraben and formaldehyde free, and Eco-Certified for use in all natural products.
  • How should I store my products?
    Though we offer bath products, please avoid getting water into your jars. This will assist in the freshness of your product. We recommend storing your product at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. The heat can alter the smell or coloring of your product.
  • What do you mean by "handmade"?"
    Each product is hand produced. By that we mean, each jar is spooned by hand and labeled by hand from the label, to the logo, to the bow. We take pride in the products we produce, and aim to deliver a high quality skin care product.
  • Are the colored products still all natural?
    We do not use artificial color of any sort. The colors in our product may have slight variations because the products have either been dyed with natural mica pigments or by the infusion of herbs in an oil.
  • Can I eat your products if they are all natural?
    Believe it or not, this question is asked all the time! My usual response is, “Technically yes, BUT I would not recommend it. The essential oils are too potent for safe digestion.” Digesting our products is not recommended.
  • Can I use the body products on my face?
    This is a tricky question. This really depends on your individual sensitivity. I would not recommend the salt based products for the face because it can be drying. Unless it states on the jar that it can be used for the face, or that it is gentle for sensitive skin, do not apply to face.
  • Who comes up with the recipes for the products?
    All of our recipes are thoroughly researched and are currently made by the founder of In The Weeds, Lika Torline, a Texas licensed esthetician.
  • What is an Esthetician?
    An esthetician is essentially a skin care specialist specializing in the treatment of cosmetic issues of the epidermis such as aging, acne, and hyperpigmentation. To become licensed, one must complete the required hours of schooling and pass both a written and practical exam before receiving their license.
  • What products will be made in the future?
    Since so much research is done to make new products, at times it is hard to determine what product will be made next. Oftentimes, we follow the requests of our customers in order to determine what product should be focused on next.
  • Do you test on animals?
    We stand firmly against testing on animals. We do plan on making a dog-friendly line, but only with ingredients in which the effects of said ingredients have already been determined.
  • Can your products be used on children?
    The majority of our products contain essential oils. There is some debate on whether or not essential oils should be used on children, especially those under the age of six. It is recommended to research specific essential oils before using them on children. As far as our product line, if there is a caution that states not to use if pregnant, we would recommend to not use that product on children either.
  • Can I use your products if I am pregnant, epileptic, or have high blood pressure?"
    Again, this question pertains to essential oils. Because 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into the body, we do not recommend certain essential oils if you are with child. These are the same products we discourage using on young children, as well. Additionally, some scents are very stimulating, and are not recommended for those who suffer from epilepsy or high blood pressure.
  • Is In The Weeds an eco-friendly company?
    We definitely try our best to be very environmentally conscience. All of our product containers and packaging supplies are recyclable. Additionally, our Kraft brown handle bags and boxes are made with 100% recycled paper and are biodegradable. If you order a package through the mail that contains Styrofoam “peanuts,” this is because we are reusing the peanuts used in packaging from various items that have been sent to us. We would like to strongly suggest for our customers to reuse these Styrofoam pieces, as well. We will never deliberately purchase Styrofoam for packaging as it is not biodegradable.
  • What is your return policy?
    In the incidence that you would like to make a return, please message us on our website or at within 30 days of your purchase. Please state the reason for your return and location (if not website) of your purchase. To be considered for a refund, we may ask for pictures, or for the product to shipped back to us. We will try to address your issue as soon as possible. We do not guarantee refunds.
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