Shield negative energy in your space with a beautiful and fragrant hand-tied smudge stick bundle!  Each bundle includes: 2 pieces of palo santo, ethically sourced white sage, rose petals, lavender and an obsidian stone tied on with recycled sari silk. Obsidian is a cleansing, grounding stone that helps shield negative energy.
Directions: Light the end of the smudge stick with the loose botanicals.  After it has caught fire, blow it out.  Smoke areas of your space including corners of rooms and entrances. Keep windows open while smudging to release energy. Place a plate or shell underneath the smudge stick to prevent falling ashes. Once you have used the top part of the smudge stick, untie the silk ribbon to remove the stone and continue to use the rest of the smudge bundle.

In The Weeds Signature Smudge Stick