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About Us

In The Weeds creates handcrafted products that are 100% cruelty-free and made with premium all-natural botanicals, butters, and essential oils. Everything is packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable containers for health and planet-conscious consumers. We center the development of products for intimate spaces and places around the following pillars and the promise that our products will not contain parabens, sulfates, fragrances (aka EDCs), or aluminum.  


No Parabens, Sulfates, or EDCs

No artificial fragrances or dyes!

No Aluminum or Mineral Oil 

All those things you don't won't find here!

Clean Beauty

Our goal is to make products as clean as you can possibly make them!




Smelling good doesn't mean it's good for you and you deserve the best for your body.

You deserve better, this is it.


Lika Torline Headshot by Melissa Evans_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Lika Torline, Founder, CEO & Licensed Esthetician

In The Weeds, LLC is a Latina & LGBTQ+ owned San Antonio-based business specializing in the creation of all-natural and organic, holistic, chemical-free products. Our products are handcrafted and created by a Texas-licensed esthetician specializing in holistic remedies for those who suffer with sensitive skin or skin conditions. In lieu of using ingredients like artificial fragrances and dyes, our products are made with high-quality essential oils and botanical infusions that offer a range of healing benefits. We offer several vegan and nut-free options, and we also stand firmly on our views against animal testing to always provide cruelty-free products. 

Additionally, we believe in sustainability and have placed our products in recyclable or post-consumer recycled containers and packaging. In The Weeds has won several awards including Best of the City in Beauty & Cosmetics and we have been a top 3 finalist/winner of Best of SA's Best Locally Made Product the last 6 years in a row and have been featured in several publications.


At In The Weeds we hug trees, we love animals, we work hard, and we respect each other.

Here, everyone is welcome.

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 Just to be clear.  Our products smell amazing, but what you're smelling are natural botanicals and essential oils. Fragrance-free does not mean unscented around here! It just means we do not use a class of 4000 different chemicals labeled as "Fragrance" to alter the aroma of our products. Natural alternatives are not only clean and safe, they smell great too. 



 Just like the animals, this Earth is ours to share. All of our products are housed in recyclable and/or reusable containers. All of our packaging is also recyclable or post-consumer recycled, and our packing peanuts are made from eco-friendly corn starch. Additionally, we recycle our candle glass, so if you are in the central Texas area, bring back your used glass jars and receive a credit towards your next purchase.


Cruelty-Free - We love animals and choose to share this planet with them, not against them.  Our products are not and will never be tested on animals.



Ethically-Sourced - We did the research for you! You can shop our site with confidence knowing all components and ingredients in our products are ethically-sourced. This includes items such as our crystals, sage in our smudge sticks, and the palm oil in our soap. 

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