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ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: Eucalyptus & Spearmint

AROMATHERAPY: Anxiety, Stress & Tension Relief


CRYSTAL BENEFITS:  Truth-Enhancing, Grounding, & Shields Negativity

GOOD LUCK STONE FOR THESE ZODIAC SIGNS: Scorpio, Sagittarius, & Aquarius


This blend is a customer favorite.  Eucalyptus has a beautiful throw in soy wax so this scent just lingers through the air. Since eucalyptus and spearmint are known to help with cranial tension and obsidian shields negative energy, I often call this candle the "oyo" candle because it will shield you from the negative energy of the people that give you headaches.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint Good JUJU Crystal Candle

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Juju Eucalyptus
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  • This candle is 100% natural, vegan and hypoallergenic. It is made with pure essential oils, 100% biodegradable soy wax, clean-burning ethically-harvested wood wicks and ethically-sourced, natural gemstones. Most of our gemstones were personally selected for our candles and sourced from the Tucson Gem Show which is the largest and most prestigious gem show in the world.

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