Let's just say, I swear by hard lotion sticks!  This product stays hard in the tube, but the oils, waxes, and butters melt once they come in contact with our natural body heat. Magi Stick hard lotion works wonderfully on some of the driest skin cases including crackled knuckles and heels. Frankincense and myrrh do wonders for healing damaged skin! This product also caters to those with nut allergies and our vegan friends! 
DIRECTIONS: Apply to skin and gently rub in. This product will melt to your natural body temperature.  Think of it as a lip balm for your body!
TIPS: Push stick out and use the edge of the lotion stick to go in-between knuckles and fingers.
INGREDIENTS: Candelila wax, mango butter, rice bran oil,Vitamin E, Frankincense Essential Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, Mica (Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide),Glyceryl Monocaprylate and Glyceryl Monodecylenate (Natural, Eco-Certified Preservative), Benzoin Essential Oil.

Magi Hard Lotion Stick